Furniture Information and Warranty



To ensure the highest quality and durability of our furniture, we use solid wood for our handcrafted frames. All wood pieces are reinforced and the frames are glued together with industrial wood glue before fastening the frame together. All cavities of the frame are fully covered with chipboard material (yes, even in the places you cannot see or sit). This addition creates a long-lasting and sturdy piece of furniture.


High endurance seating that is comfortable is top priority for our furniture. In keeping your furniture secure and long-lasting, our company refuses to use spring support systems. This type of support system will damage not only the seat cushion, but it will ruin the high quality, genuine leather that we use. Instead, we use a high suspension webbing system to ensure the endurance and comfortabillity of your furniture. This type of suspension, in combination with our strong, hardwood frames, allows your furniture to last across decades.


The cushion itself is a high density foam, created specifically for our line of furniture. You will have the ability to choose a level of firm, regular, or down top to meet your comfort needs. (Only on custom orders.)


Our company only uses the highest qualities of top & full grain leathers from Europe and South America. This factor will give you confidence in the overall quality of the furniture. Top-grain comes from the outermost layer of the hide. Top-grain leather can be used in its most natural form, and requires minimal processing. Because top-grain is the most durable leather, if properly cared for, it should last indefinitely.


Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Every piece of furniture is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects you for a lifetime against manufacturer’s defects on the hardwood frame and suspension system. Our superior leathers are covered for 5 years against defective dye-lots, cracking and peeling. 


Custom Orders:


Don't see EXACTLY what you had in mind? Contact us for custom orders! With over 100 leather options, 14 cowhides, fabrics and nail heads we will find the customization perfect for you. Email or call us at 217-493-7151