Being Still

Posted by Zakk Tompkins on Aug 14th 2016

Be still. Something so simple yet so profound in horsemanship and life. Something often overlooked until the problem becomes so large, so in our face that we realize we have to go back to basics. Whether starting a young horse or working a seasoned barrel or rope horse, teaching them patience and to work in the right frame of mind is key. We are all guilty of swinging a leg and going straight to work, chasing what WE feel is most important and disregarding the key steps we've been taught. We know a horse that can quietly stand, waiting for his cues is one that's focused and mentally prepared to be the best he can be. Settling in, getting soft and waiting. Yet we know how hard this can be to achieve. Whether its alley problems with barrel horses or box issues with a rope horse, we have likely been there. Spinning, side passing, rearing to go. As the rider, we patiently wait for the horse to "come to us" and get ready to roll. But how often in life are we spinning, side passing and rearing to go? How often do we waste energy trying to do things our way, thinking we know best, rather than waiting for Gods cues? Its hard to settle in, to score good or to drop our head. But, just like with our horses, when we do its usually when we perform the best. Take today to be still. Listen. Then be ready to build your legacy.