About Us

Founded in June 2016, we help clients build a lasting legacy they can be proud to pass down. We do this by allowing customers to shop the most comprehensive collections and putting their personal touch on each piece. Our customers can design their entire home and ranch from the comfort of their own home, customizing each piece with professional design assistance along the way.
Whether your designing and outfitting your kitchen, bedroom bathroom or new arena, we want to help you make it exactly as you have imagined. We hope you enjoy your experience here and we look forward to helping you customize every aspect of your home and ranch!
Zakk Tompkins - Founder
When not helping design spaces for homes and ranches, Zakk is busy building a Legacy in and out of the arena as a riding instructor to local youth. He enjoys working individually with clients to help them achieve the success they dream of.
Danielle Abbott - Co-founder
An essential part of our research and marketing team, Danielle ensures that each task is completed with a smile. Her giving heart and focus on finding the best in others make her an invaluable member of our team.